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Go Just About Anywhere

Looking for a bike that can handle pavement, gravel roads, dirt singletrack and maybe even some bikepacking? Meet the super versatile gravel bike. If you’re thinking this setup is too good to be true, it’s not. Our staff is ready to answer all of your gravel bike questions, and to help you find the perfect model based on your riding style and goals.

Where Can I Ride Gravel?

Anywhere you want to ride! The state of Maine is home to plenty of great gravel roads that you can piece together to make a loop, sometimes with a smattering of regular tarmac in the mix, or sometimes just plain old gravel the whole way. You can find routes near you by using Gravel Map or viewing local heatmaps in Strava. We also recommend the Bicycle Coalition of Maine's curated list, and you can check out gravel events you can enter in Maine at BikeReg!

What's Unique About Gravel Bikes?

What is a gravel bike? It can be any bike that can roll easily over anything more rough than smooth tarmac. That can mean packed dirt, grass lanes, backwoods singletrack - and even legitimate gravel roads. That means any bike can be a "gravel bike," right? Yes, but true gravel bikes are also intended to roll smoothly and efficiently over a variety of mixed and non-smooth terrain. They're designed to be a combination of lightweight and maneuverable yet capable of being loaded for carrying baggage, sturdy and stable yet ready to go fast. It's the best of many worlds!

Longer Wheelbase

Designed to put your body in a more upright position than a traditional road bike, a gravel bike has larger footprint between front and rear wheel hubs and a lower crank placement to keep the bike stable over uneven terrain, potholes, and even rocks and roots.

Stable Stance

Wider handlebars (sometimes flat bars) are standard on gravel bikes, also contributing to more stability over long days in the saddle. Plus, more room for handlebar bags!

Lots of Clearance

Disc brakes on most gravel bikes permit the use of wider tires, either knobby models or smoother ones that can be run with low air pressure and with tubeless sealant for comfort and confidence over whatever unexpected impediment comes your way.

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Shop Storage

Many gravel bikes have mounts to attach bags or carry extra water.

Shop GPS Computers

Getting lost is fun until it’s not. Find your way home with a GPS.

Shop Tires & Repair Kits

Terrain varies between trails - be prepared for whatever comes your way. Tubeless tires are a great way to prevent flats.