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Ski Parts & Accessories

Gravity Grabber is the ultimate way to get that dreaded pile of skis and snowboards in the corner of your garage off of the ground and organized. Gravity Grabber has a simple yet effective design that is easy to set up and use. From kids to adults, Gravity Grabber can be used by anyone. Unlike most storage systems, Gravity Grabber is designed to hold skis AND snowboards. Pinched tips are no more, keeping that natural profile, shape, and design of your skis during storage. Gravity Grabber allows you to choose where your gear is held during storage. Off-the-ground storage keeps your tips, tails, and edges from delaminating and denting. We like our gear to look nice and know you do too. With aesthetics in mind, we made sure storing your gear will put a smile on your face. While storing your skis and snowboards is very important, we know storing other gear is too. From skateboards to shovels and rakes, Gravity Grabber will hold other things, too, making it the ultimate year-round storage system. Get your gear organized with Gravity Grabber, your ultimate ski and snowboard storage solution. Affix your stix, save your tips.
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