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Maximize Comfort & Performance

Perhaps no other equipment selection can have a bigger impact on your overall skiing experience than your boots. They’re responsible for transferring energy from your body to your skis, providing feedback from the snow surface, and keeping your feet warm and protected. How well they perform these duties depends on how well they fit. Properly fit boots can improve comfort, increase performance, and help avoid injury. When you’re purchasing new boots, we recommend a professional fitting to maximize your enjoyment on the slopes. 

Ski Boot Fitting

When Should You Get Fit?

The best time to take advantage of boot fitting services is prior to making a purchase. Our experienced fitters can discuss your specific goals, take measurements of your foot anatomy, assess your stance and balance, and suggest several models to try on. Plan to spend about an hour and a half with us, and be sure to bring along your favorite pair of socks. And, if you’ve owned boots previously, bring your old pair with you—they can help your fitter make a more informed recommendation.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Ready to find the boots that will support you through all of your winter adventures? We have an excellent selection from top brands, and we're here to ensure that your boots are the perfect fit. Here's a preview of the boots we'll be discussing with you at your in-store fitting appointment.