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Backcountry Skis

Blizzard Zero G 105
If you are searching for the perfect tool to shred in the backcountry, look no further. The 105mm-waisted Zero G solves the longtime quandary of backcountry skis that need to be both lightweight for the uphill and high-performance for the downhill. Blizzard's engineers personally test prototypes in the Austrian Alps, and they intentionally designed a ski that would crush vert and distance, but more importantly, ski with the integrity and high-performance Blizzard skiers crave on the downhill. Thanks to Carbon Drive 2.0 and a customized shape for true backcountry adventure, the Zero G 105 feels right at home on the skin track. Then, when you reach the top and pull your skins off, it transitions into reward mode for a hard-charging, freeride payoff. TECHNICAL SPECS: - Construction Carbon Drive 2.0 Construction - Rocker: Tip-Tail Rocker - Factory Base Bevel: 0.9° -/+ 0.2° - Factory Side Bevel 87.7° (Tol.-/+ 1.5°)
Blizzard Zero G 105 Skis
The Zero G 105 is a feathery backcountry dominator. The Zero G 105 has Blizzard's dialed Flipcore technology to deliver a perfect rocker feel. Carbon Drive Technology uses a carbon frame with a super-lightweight paulownia wood core. The result is a strong and powerful ski without the weight penalty. Speaking of lightweight, these skis come in at 1600-grams per ski so you will be flying up the skin track. The 105mm waist width is balanced and is at home on firmer days as well as fresh days. Grab the Blizzard Zero G 105 and head for the skin track! Specifications -Available lengths: 164cm, 172cm, 180cm, 188cm -Carbon Drive Technology -Radius: 23-meters @ 180 cm length -Weight: Approx 1600 grams per ski
Atomic Backland 107 Skis
The Atomic Backland 107 wears many hats. This ski is light enough to serve as an alpine touring ski but retains enough attitude and power to rip resort laps. The 107mm waist width floats well while retaining a reasonable edge to edge feel on groomers. Rocker in the tip and tail with camber underfoot allow this ski to grip the hardpack while floating well in the soft stuff. The carbon backbone and lightweight wood core help keeps the weight down to maximize your energy on the ascent. The Atomic Backland 107 skis are ready for whatever. Specifications -137-107-124 (182 CM) -18.2-Meter Turn Radius (182 CM) -Rocker-Camber-Rocker Proile -Carbon Backbone -Light Woodcore
Atomic Backland 98 Women's Skis
The Atomic Backland 98 Women's are versatile and light backcountry skis. When cruising up the skin track, the feathery 1120-gram weight helps conserve energy and allows you to get more laps in. On the descent, the versatile 98mm waist width and dialed rocker-camber-rocker shape provides killer performance in pow, corn, or even some hardpack. The Atomic Backland 98 Women's skis can shred it all. Specifications -Available lengths: 156 cm, 164 cm, 172 cm -Turn Radius: 14.6-meters (164 cm length) -Weight: 1120-grams per ski (164 cm length) -Dimensions: 127.5-98-118 (164 cm length) -Rocker-camber-rocker profile
Blizzard Zero G 95
The Zero G 95 has a first descent on the world's highest, biggest line—the Lhotse Couloir in Nepal's Himalayas. Ski mountaineers Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison requested Blizzard's Zero G 95 when they set out to summit the 27,940-foot-peak, and indeed, the skis got the pair down safely—not to mention the high-altitude pow turns they scored! Your backcountry adventure may be closer to home, but you can still reap the benefits of Austrian engineering that delivers the best downhill performance for the weight. Carbon Drive 2.0 paired with an ultra-light paulownia woodcore ensure efficiency on the skin track, while maintaining strength, a solid edge grip, and a stable feel for the descent. TECHNICAL SPECS: - Construction Sandwich Compound Sidewall (Carbon), Carbon Drive Technology 2.0 - Rocker: Tip-Tail Rocker - Factory Base Bevel: 0.9° -/+ 0.2° - Factory Side Bevel 87.7° (Tol.-/+ 1.5°)
Atomic Backland 100 Skis
The Atomic Backland 100 is a sensible backcountry weapon. Versatility is the name of the game with these skis and the sensible 100mm waist is paired with plenty of camber underfoot and a reasonable amount of rocker. This makes these skis a great option for pow days or firm/corn days. Oh yeah, they are also quite light coming in at 1400-grams per ski (180 length). Hop on a set of Backland 100's and head for the hills. Specifications -Available lengths: 164 cm, 172 cm, 180 cm, 188 cm -Turn Radius: 19.2 @ 180 cm -Profile: Rocker-Camber-Rocker -Weight: 1400-grams per ski (180mm length) -Beech/Poplar wood core
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