Bike Service & Repair

Bike Repair & Maintenance

Over 30 Years of Bike Repair Experience

When you bring your bicycle to Allspeed for maintenance or repair, you’ll receive a thorough, accurate assessment, a free, no-obligation estimate, and fast, reliable completion of all service. Whether your bike is in need of a minor adjustment or a major overhaul, we promise that your ride is in good hands.

We service all makes and models of bicycles, we really mean ALL makes and models. We pride ourselves on being the best-equipped shop in the state and assure you we have the right tools for the job. Whether we are rebuilding your suspension fork or overhauling your 3-speed internal hub from your vintage bike, we've got you covered.

Essential Tune


  • Essential Tune-Up includes:
  • Frame wipe down, straighten wheels (truing), adjust hubs, adjust headset, adjust brakes, adjust shifting, adjust bottom bracket, lubricate appropriate surfaces (chain, cables, etc.), torque (tighten) all nuts and bolts to proper spec.

Standard Tune



  • Standard Tune-Up PLUS:
  • A detailed cleaning of frame and ALL bike parts (frame, wheels, drivetrain, etc). We pay close attention to your drivetrain (cassette, and crankset) thoroughly clean it. With the Standard Tune, we do our best to make your bike look as good as new.

Über Tune


  • Super Tune PLUS:
  • Detailed cleaning of your ENTIRE bike plus we replace all cables and housing* leaving your bike with snappy shifting and braking.
  • *cost of cables & housing and other parts not included in Uber Tune Pricing

Drivetrain & Brakes

A La Carte Pricing

  • Shifting Adjustment $10
  • Cable Install $10
  • Hanger Alignment/Replacement $10
  • Derailleur Install $10
  • Chain Install $10
  • Chainrings Install $15
  • Crankset Install $10
  • Bottom Bracket Install $15
  • Cassette/Freewheel Install $10
  • Chain + Cassette Install $18
  • Brake Adjustment – per brake $8
  • Cable Install $10
  • Caliper Install $10
  • Install Brake Pads $10
  • Install STI, Ergolever, DoubleTap (cable, tape, grips) $20
  • Install Disc Brake $15
  • Brake Bleed – per brake $50

    • Bar Tape Install $15 (plus cost of tape)
    • Install Grips $5
    • Stem Install $10
    • Handlebar Install $12
    • Bar Ends Install $5
    • Saddle Install $5

Suspension, Wheels, & Acessories

A La Carte Pricing

  • Standard Fork Service (plus parts, not including seal kit) $80
  • Rear Shock Service (plus parts, not including seal kit) $50
  • Rock Shox Reverb Service $Call
  • Learn more about our custom shock tuning
  • Wheel Truing (straightening) $10-20
  • Wheel Build  $75 per wheel (+ cost of spokes)
  • Spoke Replacement $12 (+ cost of spokes)
  • Front Hub Overhaul $20 (+ cost of bearings)
  • Rear Hub Overhaul $30 (+ cost of bearings)
  • Tubeless Install $15 Per Wheel Plus Sealant
  • Tubeless Conversion $25 per Wheel Plus Sealant & Valves & Tape
  • Tubeless Fat Tire Install $15 Per Wheel Plus Sealant
  • Pedal Install $5
    • Install/Change Cleats $6 (Double for stripped bolts)
  • Training Wheels Install $10

    • Cycling Computer Install (one sensor) $10
    • Cycling Computer (two sensors) $15
    • Fender Set  Install $20
    • Rack Install $10
    • Child Carrier Install $30

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