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Ski Service


Ski/Board Service

Standard Tune: $60
Stone Grind + Sharpen Side & Base Edges + Wax.  Stone grinding your skis allows us to add structure to your bases giving them a finish that allows them to hold more wax and run faster.  

Quick Tune: $45
Sharpen Side & Base Edges + Machine Wax

Repair Tune: $75
Same as Standard Tune + Minor Base Repair w/ P-Tex 


Binding Work

Binding Mounts
We have years of experience in mounting all different types of bindings. Essentially, we can mount any binding (that is indemnified). Telemark, Alpine, Alpine Touring, and Nordic, doesn’t matter – we can mount it. Please don’t forget in order to mount your bindings, and we need your boots in addition to your skis and bindings.

Standard Jig Mount: $80
Our standard jig mount means that we have the mounting jig for any brand binding we stock. In addition, we have jigs for a few other popular bindings that Allspeed doesn’t carry.

Hand Mount: $125
When we do not have the mounting jig, or you have a specialty binding, we will need to hand mount your binding. This requires extreme care and attention.

Quiver Killer Binding Mount: Price Varies, please bring your gear in for a quote.
Quiver Killers are threaded metal inserts which allow bindings to be removed/reinstalled easily. With this system, more than one model binding can be used on a single pair of skis. In addition, you can mount one single set of bindings on multiple pairs of skis. This allows for a versatile and cost-effective skiing system.

Binding Adjustment & Release Test: $40
We will adjust your bindings and make sure they are releasing within the manufactures' specifications. We use your your boot sole length then adjust/test the DIN settings according to your height, weight, and skier level. Please remember, in some cases a remount will be necessary based on a variety of factors.

Ski & Board Repair

Base Repair with P-Tex: Cost Varies
Hit some rocks or snow-covered stumps while you were skiing in the woods? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We will use P-Tex to fill in any scrapes and gauges and then grind your bases flat again.

Base Weld: Cost Varies
Core shot? Chances are we can take care of this. With our base welding gun, we can base push material into the ski. We can also remove the base around the area that was damaged, cut a new piece of “base” and epoxy this to the ski. This is usually followed by P-Tex and grinding your bases flat.

Misc Repair: Cost Varies
Tear an edge out? Is your ski delaminating? Bring it in, and we will evaluate the damage. Chances are we can get you back on the slopes.

Questions? Contact us!