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Great for Fitness, Commuting, Bike Paths & More

Looking for a bike that you can use to commute on during the week and to explore new paths on the weekend? Look no further than the versatile hybrid bike. Hybrids offer the cushioned ride of a mountain bike with the sportiness of a road bike. Add a rack, lights, and fenders to create one bike that can do it all.

What are some of the differences between different hybrid bikes that you should consider? Read on!

Rigid Hybrid Bikes

Almost all hybrid bike will have flat handlebars and put a rider in a relatively upright position, which is great for comfort and visibility (both seeing and being seen). Hybrids that have a rigid frame and rigid fork - as opposed to having any suspension parts - and are ideal for use on smoother surfaces, like roads, paved paths, and hard-packed trails. These will be the most efficient hybrid option, great for urban commuting and weekend excursions.

Front-Suspension Hybrid Bikes

A suspension fork on your bike will allow the front end of the bike to absorb bumps and vibration before it reaches your hands and arms. The fork will add weight to your bike, but it will also smooth out the ride over uneven pavement, potholes, or rougher paths. Being able to handle rougher terrain than a rigid hybrid means you can mix smooth singletrack trails into your adventures.


Just like when you are selecting shoes or pants, sizing for bikes can vary across brands and models, and different body proportions of the rider can make a difference too.  Bike sizing is not an exact science! The chart below shows a general range that can be considered for most hybrid bikes. These size recommendations are only suggestions, and we are always here to help you find the right size bike for you.  

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