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Make the Most of Every Mile

Whether it’s your very first bike or a new addition to the stable, outfitting your yourself and bike with all the right parts, tools, and accessories will make it easy to just jump on and go. Explore our recommendations for indispensable gear for your first ride or your thousandth ride, and visit us anytime for expert advice from our knowledgeable team of cycling experts.

What you plan to do with your new bike will determine a certain portion of the recommended accessories. At Allspeed, our accessories are differentiated here between whether you are on a hybrid bike, which can mean mostly urban rides or short distances, a recreational bike for longer rides and more challenging terrain, and a an enthusiast bike that may take you far from civilization for a few hours (or days)and may require more things to carry along with you, more safety considerations, and more of everything!

Hybrid Bike Accessories

If you are riding in urban area, we recommend a good lock, front & rear lights, and fenders to protect from inclement weather. A bottle cage is an easy addition to keep hydrated while rolling. For the rider, a helmet is a great idea for safety and peace of mind, and a floor pump for your home is a perfect solution for keeping your tires aired up.

Recreational Bike Accessories

You're probably planning bigger adventures, so you'll benefit from some of the same accessories as a hybrid, plus a few more things. Having the tools to fix a flat tire (and bringing a spare tube) is ideal. A multi-tool and frame pump will help in that circumstance too. More specific apparel will help too, like a wind shell or rain jacket, or stretchy shorts that fit your body's position on the bike, plus some flashy sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun and grit.

Enthusiast Bike Accessories

A slightly more specific bike requires more particular accessories, too! For a mountain bike or gravel bike that may have suspension parts or be set up with tubeless tires, we have additional recommendations. A shock pump and tire pressure gauge are ideal for setting up and checking your bike before riding. Extra sealant, plugs, and valve cores are good to have on hand, and you may want to choose C02 cartridges instead of a hand pump in the event of flats. A pack to keep this stuff with you while riding is useful too. More robust clothing, even protective gear, will help keep you comfortable and safe during long days on the trail. And maybe you should consider a full-face helmet if you're really getting rad?