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Black Diamond Evac 7 Shovel
Our top-of-the-line UIAA certified shovel built for professional use, the Black Diamond Evac features a unique handle that can be set up in in both standard shovel and hoe mode for digging test pits or rapid snow removal. The large blade moves lots of snow quickly, and a flat-bottom profile helps you get a good clean face on your pit wall. The updated, extendable shaft eliminates the possibility of jamming in the field while the modified large D handle increases comfort for long days involving multiple pits and speeds up digging time during an emergency. +Updated telescoping shaft eliminates jamming +Durable anodized blade +Shovel converts easily into hoe mode from the same attachment point for snow removal and excavation +Lead ins on blade allow rapid assembly and swapping of modes +Compact D-handle with comfortable dual-density grip +UIAA certified
Black Diamond Deploy Shovel
A rapid-deployment shovel for daily use in the backcountry, the Black Diamond Deploy features a trapezoidal shaft that locks into place with a quick pull, so you don’t waste time putting things together when you need to be digging. When it’s time to stash the Deploy in your pack, the curved handle slides down and hugs the contours of the blade to take up minimal space. +Curved, trapezoidal shaft nests in the anodized blade of the shovel +Engages in a fraction of a second +T handle that’s more comfortable for gripping
Black Diamond Transfer Shovel
Featuring a redesigned extendable handle that’s stronger and more comfortable, and a high-volume blade profile, the UIAA certified Black Diamond Transfer Shovel helps you throw as much snow as possible from the smallest footprint. Its durable, smooth-bottom blade give you clean walls in your snow pit and the versatile design works well in any backcountry situation. +Extendable, removable trapezoidal shaft with durable anodized blade +T handle that’s more comfortable for gripping +UIAA certified
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