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G3 SEEKr 100 Swift Skis
The G3 SEEKr Swift skis are alpine touring skis for lighter adults and youngsters. These 100mm waisted skis are very light at 1340-grams (162 cm length) allowing you to fly up the skin track. These sensible skis are wide enough to thrash powder while remaining agile enough to slash some corn in the spring. These skis have flat tails with some tip rocker and plenty of camber meaning they can handle some firmer conditions. The G3 SEEKr Swift skis are a great choice for the youngster or small adult who is looking to explore the backcountry. Specifications -Available Lengths: 154 cm, 162 cm, 170 cm -Dimensions: 132-100-120 @ 162 cm -Radius: 14.5m at 162 cm length -Profile, Rocker tip, camber underfoot, flat tail -Weight: 1340 grams @ 162cm length
G3 FINDr Swift W
Lightweight touring skis for small-statured backcountry explorers 94mm waist underfoot handles well in both hardpack and softer snow Early rise tips sail with glee over crud and powder alike Textured topsheet sheds snow and ice to keep uphill weight down 3D shaped wood core delivers light, lively performance Carbon fiber adds confidence when taking big mountain lines at speed Titanal mounting plate adds integrity and dampness underfoot Magnetic contact points speed up bootpack transitons
G3 FINDr 94
A modern ski optimized for precision in steep and technical terrain, the FINDr 94 excels with its best-in-class dampness and versatility to perform in all backcountry conditions- perfect to tour far and high, and ski hard and fast. -Polyurethane sidewalls for best-in-class dampness -Magnetic contact points speed up bootpack transitions and eliminate the need for a strap when shouldering -Modern ski built for a precision in steep and technical terrain -Uncompromised performance and versatility in all conditions -Full carbon fibre construction -Super light textured nylon topsheet - durable & sheds snow/ice -Lightweight hardened steel edges - corrosion & dent resistant -3D shaped, sustainably-sourced Canadian Aspen wood core - light, lively & high performance -Full thickness base - durable, long-lasting & fast -Titanal aluminum mountain plate - mount integrity & dampness -Traditional camber profile with early rise
G3 SEEKr 100 Skis
The G3 SEEKr 100 skis strike a beautiful balance of uphill performance and downhill shredability. These 100mm waist skis are a great width for the bulk of days. The combination of poplar wood with carbon fiber offer an impressive weight to save energy on the skin track. On the descent, an excellent shape blends a nice amount of tip rocker with just a bit of camber underfoot. Pivoting and smearing turns is a blast aboard these planks. Mount up the SEEKr 100 skis and head for the hills. Specifications Radius: 18.3 meters @178 cm Weight: 1470 grams @178 cm Shape: Rocker Camber Rocker Construction: Poplar w/ Carbon Titanal Mount Plate
Blizzard Zero G 105 Skis
The Zero G 105 is a feathery backcountry dominator. The Zero G 105 has Blizzard's dialed Flipcore technology to deliver a perfect rocker feel. Carbon Drive Technology uses a carbon frame with a super-lightweight paulownia wood core. The result is a strong and powerful ski without the weight penalty. Speaking of lightweight, these skis come in at 1600-grams per ski so you will be flying up the skin track. The 105mm waist width is balanced and is at home on firmer days as well as fresh days. Grab the Blizzard Zero G 105 and head for the skin track! Specifications -Available lengths: 164cm, 172cm, 180cm, 188cm -Carbon Drive Technology -Radius: 23-meters @ 180 cm length -Weight: Approx 1600 grams per ski
Atomic Maverick 100 Ti
If you're seeking a no speed limit, no holds barred daily driver that you can grab without wasting time to pore over the forecast, check out the Atomic Maverick 100 TI Skis. Arriving with significant design input from across the ski industry spectrum, they're built with Atomic's latest technological advancements, including the supremely balanced OMatic core and an all-new Flow Profile built for precise control in a wide array of conditions. Whether you're jamming groomer runs, powder runs, tree runs, or bump runs - seasoned pro or regular Joe - these things are the real deal!
Volkl Secret 102
This season the Secret 102 comes with Titanal Frame and Carbon Tips for more stability and dampening. And even better, it features the revolutionary 3 radius sidecut geometry along the full sidewall. This special geometry is 100% adjusted to the tip & tail rocker construction. Depending on the rider's speed or edge angle the effective edge becomes longer or shorter and the matching sidecut radius provides hold, maneuverability or smooth operation. The Secret is the number one recommendation for all the charging freeride ladies out there. You want to let it all out, here's the Secret to realize your goals.
Atomic Backland 107 Skis
The Atomic Backland 107 wears many hats. This ski is light enough to serve as an alpine touring ski but retains enough attitude and power to rip resort laps. The 107mm waist width floats well while retaining a reasonable edge to edge feel on groomers. Rocker in the tip and tail with camber underfoot allow this ski to grip the hardpack while floating well in the soft stuff. The carbon backbone and lightweight wood core help keeps the weight down to maximize your energy on the ascent. The Atomic Backland 107 skis are ready for whatever. Specifications -137-107-124 (182 CM) -18.2-Meter Turn Radius (182 CM) -Rocker-Camber-Rocker Proile -Carbon Backbone -Light Woodcore
Atomic Backland 98 Women's Skis
The Atomic Backland 98 Women's are versatile and light backcountry skis. When cruising up the skin track, the feathery 1120-gram weight helps conserve energy and allows you to get more laps in. On the descent, the versatile 98mm waist width and dialed rocker-camber-rocker shape provides killer performance in pow, corn, or even some hardpack. The Atomic Backland 98 Women's skis can shred it all. Specifications -Available lengths: 156 cm, 164 cm, 172 cm -Turn Radius: 14.6-meters (164 cm length) -Weight: 1120-grams per ski (164 cm length) -Dimensions: 127.5-98-118 (164 cm length) -Rocker-camber-rocker profile
Atomic Maverick 95 Ti
The Atomic Maverick 95 TI Skis are outstanding piste performers with a healthy dose of off-trail capability. Strong and smooth in just about any conceivable set of conditions, the Mavericks utilize a new OMatic core construction that expertly balances stiffness and flex over the length of the ski for top-notch riding through variable snow. Whether you find yourself laying trenches in fresh groomers or dipping into the trees for some leftover freshies, the Atomic Maverick 95 TI Skis make the transition seamless.
Blizzard Rustler 10 Skis
$699.95 - $699.99
The Blizzard Rustler 10 skis are a fun and lively, yet confident, daily driver. These skis offer a sensible 102mm waist width that offers enough float on the soft days while still being fun on groomers and hardpack. The rocker-camber-rocker design allows this ski to pivot easily to work through tight spaces and has an uber-fun feel. A sheet of Titanal gives the ski enough strength to hold an edge on ice. The 2021 Blizzard Rustler is a fun ski that can slay the mountain no matter the conditions. Specifications: Available Lengths: 164 cm, 172 cm, 180 cm, 188 cm Dimensions: 133-102-122.5 @180 cm Turn Radius: 17.5m at 180 cm Construction: Carbon Flipcore DRT
Dalbello Lupo AX HD
The Dalbello Lupo AX HD is a fantastic touring boot that has a whole lot going for it. From the HD liner to the cabrio design, these boots are built for both uphill and downhill skiing. Featuring GripWalk soles that not only make it easier to walk around in general, but also offer a fair amount of rocker for the touring on the way up. This reduces strain and makes the entire experience a lot easier and more fun. For skiers looking for a relatively stiff touring boot, the Lupo AX HD boasts a 120-flex rating and a 100 mm forefoot last. This is a great combination of performance and comfort, two things that a lot of skiers are looking for. The tech fittings are perfect for lightweight touring, and they'll do a great job of holding you in on the way down as well. With a three-buckle, three-piece cabrio design, these boots have an amazingly consistent flex, so all of your skiing needs will be met and your touring dreams will be exceeded. There's nothing like slipping your foot into an instantly comfortable ski boot that not only tours like a champ but also downhills like a boss. These things are built for some rugged use, so intermediate to expert skiers will love the performance and durability of the Dalbello Lupo AX HD. You can remove the tongue on the way up for a lighter foot weight, and put it back on for the descent, creating a versatile and flexible hike and a stiff and solid way down.
Volkl Mantra M6
The Mantra's are about as "establishment" as skiing gets. These guys have been around the block a few times, and as the latest model in a long and storied lineage, the Völkl M6 Mantra Skis ooze class. The recipe is tweaked rather than overhauled, with a newly progressive Tailored Titanal Frame making for a more finely tuned ride in each length, and a new carbon layup in the tips that lightens the load without compromising on-snow performance. These are every bit the precise, resort scalpels you know and love - now better than ever!
Blizzard Brahma 88 Skis
The Blizzard Brahma's are back for 2021 with a couple of important updates. Fear not, this ski will still demolish groomers while still being plenty capable in the trees and bumps. This ski received some small geometry updates including a slightly shallower rocker pattern. In addition, the core construction is a bit different and uses Blizzards new TrueBlend Flipcore. The result is an outrageously fun and well-rounded ski perfect for an East Coast daily driver or part of a quiver for the Western crowd. Rip groomers, shred trees and crush bumps with the 2021 Blizzard Brahma 88. Specifications -Available lengths: 165 cm, 171 cm, 177 cm, 183 cm, 189 cm -Dimensions: 128-88-10 @183 cm -Turn radius: 17.5 @ 183 cm -Constructio: TrueBlend Flipcore
Atomic Backland 100 Skis
The Atomic Backland 100 is a sensible backcountry weapon. Versatility is the name of the game with these skis and the sensible 100mm waist is paired with plenty of camber underfoot and a reasonable amount of rocker. This makes these skis a great option for pow days or firm/corn days. Oh yeah, they are also quite light coming in at 1400-grams per ski (180 length). Hop on a set of Backland 100's and head for the hills. Specifications -Available lengths: 164 cm, 172 cm, 180 cm, 188 cm -Turn Radius: 19.2 @ 180 cm -Profile: Rocker-Camber-Rocker -Weight: 1400-grams per ski (180mm length) -Beech/Poplar wood core
Volkl Secret 96
The Völkl Secret 96 Skis are ready for daily driver duty from coast to coast. Prized for their stability through variable snow and superior edge hold on firmer stuff, the new model is tweaked rather than overhauled. A progressive Tailored Titanal Frame design makes for a more finely tuned ride in each length, while a new carbon layup in the tips helps lighten the load for greater agility without compromising on-snow performance. If you're a strong skier looking to gain an edge at the resort, there are few that can match up to the power and capability of the Secret 96s.
Atomic Maven 93 C
The all new Atomic Maven 93 C Skis are hot off the press and ready for some serious all mountain riding. Finely tuned for rippin' ladies, the Mavens combine Atomic's Omatic core construction with a deft Flow Profile that blends the perfect amount of rocker and camber for maximum edge contact through the turn. Whether you are getting up early to make your mark on fresh corduroy or finding your happy place off the beaten path, the Atomic Maven 93 C Skis will help you leave it all on the hill.
Atomic Maverick 88 Ti
The new Atomic Maverick 88 TI is an awesome option for advanced intermediate to expert level skiers who spend most of their time on the frontside but like to trail off from time to time. Get the 88 on edge and feel the stability and power coming from the OMatic Core and the edge control of the Dura Cap Sidewalls. HRZN Tech Tips are added for the powder lovers who want to stay afloat and surf in knee deep fluffy awesomeness. Flow Profile allows you to carve and stay in control no matter the snow conditions on the mountain. Shred the frontside but don't be shy to go off trail with the Atomic Maverick 88 TI.
Blizzard Black Pearl 88
It takes a lot of guts and grit to reinvent the best-selling women’s ski. But here atBlizzard, we’re never satisfied with good enough. We are constantly looking for ways tomake a great ski even better. Redesigned with input from our Women to Women projectand Blizzard’s engineers, the Black Pearl 88 shines as bright as ever. Blizzard’sTrueBlend Flipcore W.S.D. (Women’s Specific Design) makes skiing all sorts ofconditions easy and fun, so women are empowered to ski corduroy groomers, softersnow off-piste, bumps, trees and everything in between. We designed the Black Pearl88 not just for the best days on the mountain, but for every day. A lightweightconstruction, smooth profile shape and camber underfoot make the Black Pearl 88 a gotofor today, tomorrow and the day after that, too.
Volkl Kendo 88 Skis
The 2021 Volkl Kendo 88 skis are absolute frontside slayers. The 88mm waist paired with a large long length of camber results in a quick-handling ride with excellent grip on hardpack and groomers. This ski lives for high speeds and can be driven outrageously hard. Don't go thinking the Kendo 88 is some one-dimensional carver, it holds its own in softer conditions. Specifications -Dimensions- 129/88/111 (170 cm length) -Radius: 15m (170 cm length) -Shape - Rocker-camber-rocker -Titanal layer
Volkl Kenja 88 Women's Skis
The Volkl Kenja 88 skis are an excellent option for the ladies looking to crush the frontside. The 88mm waist offers quick handling and lay trenches on groomers. The long length of camber underfoot provides excellent edge hold on ice or firm surfaces. Don't go thinking the Kenja is some one-dimensional ski, they feature a nice dose of tip rocker to keep things fun when the snow gets soft. Specifications -Available Lengths: 149 cm, 156 cm, 163 cm -Dimensions: 129-88-111 (156 cm length) -Turn Radius: 18?/12?/22 (156 cm length) -Rocker-camber-rocker shape -Titanal layer -3D turn radius
Liberty Origin 106 Skis
The Liberty Origin 106 is a ripping ski suited for duty in the backcountry or the resort. The reasonable 106mm waist width paired with a length of camber underfoot provide excellent performance on groomers or firm snow. The rocker in the tips and tails paired with a super lively bamboo/poplar core is a blast in soft snow. The Liberty Origin 106 shreds it all at an impressive weight. Specifications -Available lengths: 171cm, 176cm, 182cm, 187cm -Dimensions: 138-106-128 @182 cm length -Raidus: 20-meters @ 182cm length -Rocker-Camber-Rocker shape -Bamboo/Poplar Core
Atomic Bent Chetler 100 Skis
The Atomic Bent Chetler 100 is a fun-loving quiver killer that is surprisingly versatile. This ski sports a reasonable 100mm waist with a generous amount of rocker while retaining a healthy dose of camber underfoot. This delivers a tremendously fun surfy ride in soft snow while remaining capable on firm surfaces. The poplar wood core delivers a lively ride while the full-length sidewalls offer precise steering. This ski is a great choice for the skier who prioritizes fun and skis in a wide range of conditions. The 2021 Atomic Bent Chetler is 100% ready to shred. Specifications Available Lengths: 172 cm, 180 cm, 188 cm Dimensions: 129.5 - 100 - 19.5 @ 180 cm Weight: 1700 grams @ 180 cm Partial twin tip design Rocker-Camber-Rocker profile
Blizzard Rustler 9
The narrowest of the Rustler series, the Rustler 9 is a freeride ski that doesn’t require a big powder day to do its job. It’s founded on two signature concepts: Carbon Flipcore D.R.T Technology and an innovative waist design. The longer the ski, the wider the waist which gives ambitious freeriders and freeride athletes more control and float, even on steep terrain. The smooth rocker-camber-rocker profile make it responsive and stable, yet super playful in softer snow and on any type of terrain. From sending spicy lines to transitioning through variable terrain, the Rustler 9 is a do-it-all master in the freeride category.
Volkl Blaze 106 Skis
The Volkl Blaze 106 are lightweight and versatile skis that can crush the resort or embark on a backcountry adventure. Generous tip rocker provides excellent float in soft terrain while a length of camber underfoot delivers killer grip on firmer snow. A titanal plate under the binding offers a stable feel when the snow gets choppy. Whether you mount these boards with an alpine binding or a touring binding, they are 100% ready to shred. Specifications -Dimensions: 146-106-128 (size 179 cm) -Turn radius @ 179 cm: 28?/17?/36 -Titanal plate under binding -Rocker-camber-rocker shape -Multi-later wood core.
Volkl Blaze 106 Women's Skis
The Volkl Blaze 106 Women's skis are a lightweight and versatile option that can crush anywhere in the mountains. Mount these bad boys up with touring bindings and enjoy a reasonably light and very fun backcountry experience. Slap some alpine bindings on them and play anywhere on the resort. The rocker-camber-rocker shape handles well on pow and soft snow while holding its own on hardpack. A metal plate underfoot adds just enough power for when things get choppy. Specifications -Dimensions: 146-106-128 @ 165cm length -Weight: 1569 @ 165cm length -Rocker-camber-rocker shape -Multi-layer wood core -Titanal plate underfoot.
Liberty Origin 96 Skis
The Liberty Origin 96 skis are more fun than a barrel of monkeys. These versatile skis slay bumps, pow, groomers....just about everything. The versatile 96mm waist width is quick edge to edge and the rocker profile allows this ski to float better than most 95-ish mm waisted skis. These skis are a great option for a backcountry setup or a resort crusher. Grab a set of Liberty Origin 96 skis and get RAD. Specifications -Available lengths: 171cm, 176cm, 182cm, 187cm -Dimensions: 130-96-118 @ 176cm length -Radius: 17.5-meters @176 cm length
Volkl Blaze 94
The Völkl Blaze 94 Skis caught fire last season with the hybrid all-mountain / backcountry crowd and never really cooled down - they're still sought after as a touring ski that isn't too light to enjoy inbounds or anywhere in between. Smooth versatility is what sets the Blaze 94 apart from the crowd. Nothing suits it better than a lap through the trees after a few thousand feet of skinning, then an afternoon spent cruising the groomers. Part-time touring setups are the hottest thing in skiing right now, and if the concept sounds intriguing to you, the Blaze 94 is the perfect place to start.
Volkl Blaze 94 Skis
The Volkl Blaze 94 are extremely fun, versatile, and lightweight skis. The reasonable 94mm waist width paired with a rocker-camber-rocker profile means these skis are quick edge to edge, offer grip on firmer surfaces, while also floating in soft snow. A titanal plate underfoot offers a little bit of power when the snow gets choppy and gnarly. Whether you are looking for a playful resort ski or a ripping backcountry ski, the Volkl Blaze 94 are a great choice. Specifications -134-94-116 (179 cm length) -Turn Radius- 17m (179 cm length) -Weight-1546-grams (179 cm length) -Multi-layer wood core -Titanal power plate
Liberty Genesis 96 Women's Skis
The Liberty Genesis 96 crushes the whole mountain. This playful ski is awfully versatile and could easily be mounted up with some alpine touring bindings. The 96mm waist width and generous amounts of camber is comfortable railing turns on groomers while the tip and tail rocker provide adequate float in softer conditions. The bamboo/poplar core offers a lively and snappy ride. The Liberty Genesis 96 can literally do it all. Specifications -Available lengths: 151cm, 157cm, 165cm, 171cm -Dimensions: 130-96-117 @ 158 cm -Radius: 14m @ 158 cm -Rocker/Camber/Rocker profile -Bamboo/Poplar core
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