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G3 SEEKr 100 Swift Skis
The G3 SEEKr Swift skis are alpine touring skis for lighter adults and youngsters. These 100mm waisted skis are very light at 1340-grams (162 cm length) allowing you to fly up the skin track. These sensible skis are wide enough to thrash powder while remaining agile enough to slash some corn in the spring. These skis have flat tails with some tip rocker and plenty of camber meaning they can handle some firmer conditions. The G3 SEEKr Swift skis are a great choice for the youngster or small adult who is looking to explore the backcountry. Specifications -Available Lengths: 154 cm, 162 cm, 170 cm -Dimensions: 132-100-120 @ 162 cm -Radius: 14.5m at 162 cm length -Profile, Rocker tip, camber underfoot, flat tail -Weight: 1340 grams @ 162cm length
G3 FINDr Swift W
Lightweight touring skis for small-statured backcountry explorers 94mm waist underfoot handles well in both hardpack and softer snow Early rise tips sail with glee over crud and powder alike Textured topsheet sheds snow and ice to keep uphill weight down 3D shaped wood core delivers light, lively performance Carbon fiber adds confidence when taking big mountain lines at speed Titanal mounting plate adds integrity and dampness underfoot Magnetic contact points speed up bootpack transitons
G3 FINDr 94
A modern ski optimized for precision in steep and technical terrain, the FINDr 94 excels with its best-in-class dampness and versatility to perform in all backcountry conditions- perfect to tour far and high, and ski hard and fast. -Polyurethane sidewalls for best-in-class dampness -Magnetic contact points speed up bootpack transitions and eliminate the need for a strap when shouldering -Modern ski built for a precision in steep and technical terrain -Uncompromised performance and versatility in all conditions -Full carbon fibre construction -Super light textured nylon topsheet - durable & sheds snow/ice -Lightweight hardened steel edges - corrosion & dent resistant -3D shaped, sustainably-sourced Canadian Aspen wood core - light, lively & high performance -Full thickness base - durable, long-lasting & fast -Titanal aluminum mountain plate - mount integrity & dampness -Traditional camber profile with early rise
G3 SEEKr 100 Skis
The G3 SEEKr 100 skis strike a beautiful balance of uphill performance and downhill shredability. These 100mm waist skis are a great width for the bulk of days. The combination of poplar wood with carbon fiber offer an impressive weight to save energy on the skin track. On the descent, an excellent shape blends a nice amount of tip rocker with just a bit of camber underfoot. Pivoting and smearing turns is a blast aboard these planks. Mount up the SEEKr 100 skis and head for the hills. Specifications Radius: 18.3 meters @178 cm Weight: 1470 grams @178 cm Shape: Rocker Camber Rocker Construction: Poplar w/ Carbon Titanal Mount Plate
Volkl Kendo 88 Skis
The 2021 Volkl Kendo 88 skis are absolute frontside slayers. The 88mm waist paired with a large long length of camber results in a quick-handling ride with excellent grip on hardpack and groomers. This ski lives for high speeds and can be driven outrageously hard. Don't go thinking the Kendo 88 is some one-dimensional carver, it holds its own in softer conditions. Specifications -Dimensions- 129/88/111 (170 cm length) -Radius: 15m (170 cm length) -Shape - Rocker-camber-rocker -Titanal layer
Volkl Kenja 88 Women's Skis
The Volkl Kenja 88 skis are an excellent option for the ladies looking to crush the frontside. The 88mm waist offers quick handling and lay trenches on groomers. The long length of camber underfoot provides excellent edge hold on ice or firm surfaces. Don't go thinking the Kenja is some one-dimensional ski, they feature a nice dose of tip rocker to keep things fun when the snow gets soft. Specifications -Available Lengths: 149 cm, 156 cm, 163 cm -Dimensions: 129-88-111 (156 cm length) -Turn Radius: 18?/12?/22 (156 cm length) -Rocker-camber-rocker shape -Titanal layer -3D turn radius
Liberty Origin 106 Skis
The Liberty Origin 106 is a ripping ski suited for duty in the backcountry or the resort. The reasonable 106mm waist width paired with a length of camber underfoot provide excellent performance on groomers or firm snow. The rocker in the tips and tails paired with a super lively bamboo/poplar core is a blast in soft snow. The Liberty Origin 106 shreds it all at an impressive weight. Specifications -Available lengths: 171cm, 176cm, 182cm, 187cm -Dimensions: 138-106-128 @182 cm length -Raidus: 20-meters @ 182cm length -Rocker-Camber-Rocker shape -Bamboo/Poplar Core
Volkl Blaze 106 Skis
The Volkl Blaze 106 are lightweight and versatile skis that can crush the resort or embark on a backcountry adventure. Generous tip rocker provides excellent float in soft terrain while a length of camber underfoot delivers killer grip on firmer snow. A titanal plate under the binding offers a stable feel when the snow gets choppy. Whether you mount these boards with an alpine binding or a touring binding, they are 100% ready to shred. Specifications -Dimensions: 146-106-128 (size 179 cm) -Turn radius @ 179 cm: 28?/17?/36 -Titanal plate under binding -Rocker-camber-rocker shape -Multi-later wood core.
Liberty Origin 96 Skis
The Liberty Origin 96 skis are more fun than a barrel of monkeys. These versatile skis slay bumps, pow, groomers....just about everything. The versatile 96mm waist width is quick edge to edge and the rocker profile allows this ski to float better than most 95-ish mm waisted skis. These skis are a great option for a backcountry setup or a resort crusher. Grab a set of Liberty Origin 96 skis and get RAD. Specifications -Available lengths: 171cm, 176cm, 182cm, 187cm -Dimensions: 130-96-118 @ 176cm length -Radius: 17.5-meters @176 cm length
Liberty Genesis 96 Women's Skis
The Liberty Genesis 96 crushes the whole mountain. This playful ski is awfully versatile and could easily be mounted up with some alpine touring bindings. The 96mm waist width and generous amounts of camber is comfortable railing turns on groomers while the tip and tail rocker provide adequate float in softer conditions. The bamboo/poplar core offers a lively and snappy ride. The Liberty Genesis 96 can literally do it all. Specifications -Available lengths: 151cm, 157cm, 165cm, 171cm -Dimensions: 130-96-117 @ 158 cm -Radius: 14m @ 158 cm -Rocker/Camber/Rocker profile -Bamboo/Poplar core
Liberty Helix 98 Skis
The Liberty Helix 98 is a versatile all-mountain ski with an appetite for air time. A low swing weight and stiff midsection make it a great choice for boosting jumps and spinning fast. The long length of camber underfoot delivers excellent edge hold on firm snow and groomers. The tips and tails have a length of low rocker to add some floatation in soft conditions. The Liberty Helix 98 is the perfect choice for the aggressive skier who spins all over the mountain. Specifications -Available lengths: 165cm, 172cm, 179cm, 186cm -Dimensions: 133-98-121 @179cm -Radius: 19.5m @179cm -Weight: 1850g @179cm -Stealth Rocker shape
Liberty Genesis 90 Women's Skis
The Liberty Genesis 90 are nimble, agile, and a whole lot of fun. The relatively narrow waist width paired with a large length of camber provides excellent performance on groomers or firmer snow. These planks still use a dose of tip rocker for floating in the soft stuff. Whether your cruising groomers on a cold morning or bouncing down a bump run, the Genesis 90 women's skis are an excellent choice. Specifications -Available lengths: 151cm, 158cm, 165cm -Dimensions: 26-90-112 @158cm -Radius: 13meters @ 158cm -Rocker/Camber/Rocker profile
Liberty Helix 84 Youth Skis
The Liberty Helix 84 are perhaps the most rad youth skis on the market. These bad boys use Liberty's dialed bamboo/poplar wood core. A long length of camber underfoot provides excellent edge hold while the 84mm waist is agile. A touch of tip and tail rocker delivers the float when things get soft. The Liberty Helix 84 is one killer youth ski. Specifications -Available lengths: 138cm, 148cm, 158cm -Dimensions: 115-84-110 @148cm -Radius: 14m @148cm -Weight: 1450g @148cm
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