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Alpine Ski Boots

Atomic Hawx Prime XTD 130 Tech GW Alpine Touring Boots
The Hawx Prime XTD 130 Tech GW are about to kill your ski boot quiver. These freeride/alpine touring boots are capable of thrashing the resort on a pow day or embarking on an overnight ski tour. At 1668-grams (size 26.5) these boots have a feathery feel paired with a huge 54-degree range of motion. Tech fittings and a Grip Walk sole allow you to use a variety of bindings. On the descent, the stiff, 130, flex rating allows you to charge the gnarliest lines and drive big skis. The Hawx Prime XTD 130 Tech GW boots get it done all over the mountain. Specifications -130 flex rating -100mm last -1668-grams (26.5) -Prolite shell -Energy Backbone -Forward lean 13°|15° (Default)|17° -Shell Rotation 3° -Range of Motion 54°
Atomic Hawx Prime XTD 115 Tech GW Women's Alpine Touring Boots
The name "Atomic Hawx Prime XTD 115 Tech GW Women's Alpine Touring Boots" may sound like a mouthful. Want the bottom line? These are versatile ski boots for the hard-charging ladies who want killer backcountry and on-piste performance. The 115-flex rating allows skiers to drive powerful skis and get very aggressive. The Prolite shell delivers precise power transfer and the 100mm last offers a nice mid-volume fit. These feathery boots hit the scales at 1650-grams (size 24.5) and offer a huge, 54-degree, range of motion to allow you to fly up the skin track. Tech fittings and a Grip Walk sole work with a variety of alpine touring bindings. Grab a set of Atomic Hawx Prime XTD 115 Tech GW Women's boots and head for the hills. Specifications -1650 grams (24.5) -100mm last -Prolite shell -Energy Backbone -Women Specific Cuff -Forward lean 13°|15° (Default)|17° -Shell Rotation 3° -Range of Motion 54°
Atomic Hawx Prime XTD 120 Tech GW Alpine Touring Boots
Does the name Atomic Hawx Prime XTD 120 Tech GW sound like a mouthful? Well here is what you need to know, these are some of the sickest all-around boots on the planet. These are capable alpine touring boots coming in at 1852-grams (size 26.5) and feature tech fittings and a killer 54-degree range of motion in walk mode. On the descent, the Prolite shell and Energy Backbone help deliver the power. With a reasonable 120-flex rating, these boots can crush a hardpack day at the resort or the steepest backcountry chutes without being too demanding or harsh. The Hawx Prime XTD 120 Tech GW are ready to do-it-all and do it all really, really, well. Specifications -1854 grams (26.5) -Prolite shell -Energy Backbone -120 flex rating -100mm Medium Last -Forward lean 13°|15° (Default)|17° -Range of Motion 54°
Tecnica Mach1 120 MV Ski Boots
$649.95 - $649.99
The Tecnica Mach1 120 MV are killer boots for the alpine skier who wants a versatile and comfortable boot. The 120 flex rating delivers enough power to drive any ski while the C.A.S. liner and mid-volume fit allow for plenty of space and customization options. Tecnica's T-Drive technology delivers a smooth and consistent flex no matter the temperatures or conditions. The Mach1 120 MV is a great option for any skier who needs some volume in their boot but don't want a brutal flex pattern. Strap on a set of Tecnica Mach 1 120 MV boots and get shreddy. Specifications -Available sizes - 24.5-30.5 - half-sizes only -Flex rating - 120 -100mm last -C.A.S. liner -4 Buckles + Power Strap
Atomic Hawx Prime 120 S Ski Boots
The Atomic Hawx Prime 120 S is a ripping alpine boot. The Prime 120 has the chops to put down the power without being too stiff for lighter or less aggressive skiers. This boot is outfitted with a 100mm last, moldable liner, and Prolite shell that uses a thin material with reinforced key areas. The Power Shift system allows you to easily adjust the forward lean stance while also altering the stiffness. The Hawk Prime 120 S are ready to slay the resort. Specifications -120 flex rating -100mm toe box last -Power Shift system -Memory Fit liner -ProLite shell
Dalbello Lupo AX 120 Alpine Touring Boots
The Dalbello Lupo 120 is a ripping "freetour" boot. One is a freetour boot you ask? These boots are comfortable in the backcountry climbing heinous skin tracks or laying down the power at the resort. With 120mm flex and the ability to work with alpine bindings, you get on-piste versatility. The Cabrio design and huge range of motion allows you to work uphill effectively. The IF Air liner is easy to cook and offers a precise fit. Specifications -Last: 100mm -Flex: 120 -Tech Inserts -Cabrio Design -Gripwalk Sole -3 Buckle Design
Dalbello DS 120 Boots
The Dalbello DS 120 ski boots are fully-customizable, hard-charging, 120 flex boots. These boots are great for the aggressive skier alpine skier who wants a high-performance alpine boot. The 100mm last with the moldable liner make it easy to fine-tune your fit. The PU shell is responsive and offers direct handling. Adjustable cuff position and buckles allow skiers to fine tune the fit to their preference. The DS 120 are beautiful and functional alpine boots. Specifications Last: 100mm Flex: 120 Liner: IF Pro 120 Liner Shell: Bi-Injected PU Sole: ISO Alpine
Dalbello Lupo AX 105 Women's Boots
The Dalbello Lupo AX 105 Women's boot is a versatile freetour boot. What is a freetour boot? It is a boot that delivers dialed alpine touring performance while also delivering a ripping downhill experience and is comfortable cruising around the resort. This ladies boot has a 105mm flex rating and a reasonable 100mm last. This Dalbello boot has a three-piece cabrio design and has an Irfran/Polyamide shell. Tech fittings and a 48-degree range of motion deliver a pleasant uphill experience while the 105mm flex gives you plenty of power for the descent. Specifications -105 flex rating -100mm last -48-degree range of motion -Tech fittings -Dalbello Lupo Air liner
Tecnica Mach1 95 MV Women's Ski Boots
$549.95 - $549.99
The Tecnica Mach1 95 MV women's boot is an alpine boot packed with features. The MV stands for mid-volume and this boot has a reasonable 100mm last. The 95 flex rating is powerful enough to drive skis without being too demanding or brtual. The Mach1 uses a C.A.S UltraFit liner for the perfect fit. Step into the Mach1 95 and start tearing up the mountain. Specifications -C.A.S. Shell -35mm Power Strap -C.A.S. UltraFit Liner -100mm Last -95 Flex
Atomic Hawx Prime 105 Women's Ski Boots
The Atomic Hawk Prime 105 Women's boots are a comfortable performance boot. This boot fits well right out of the box for mid-volume feet. In addition, the moldable liner allows you to customize the fit quite easily. The 105 flex rating is powerful enough to be precise but avoids being an ultra-demanding race flex. Whether your idea of fun is laying trenches in a groomer or bouncing down a tree line, the Prime 105 Women's boots are a great choice. Specifications -105 flex rating -100mm toe box last -Memory Fit liner -ProLite shell -PowerShift lean adjustment
Dalbello Panterra 95 Women's
$499.95 - $499.99
The Dalbello Pantera 95 Women's is a ripping all-mountain boot for the intermediate to advanced intermediate skier. The 95 flex rating is forgiving enough while still delivering adequate power to your skis. The liner is customizable to achieve the perfect fit and the toe box last varies from 99 to 101mm depending on the size. The Dalbello Panterra 95 women's boot is shred-ready from day one. Specifications -95 flex rating -99-101mm last -4-buckle design -Power strap -Moldable liner
Dalbello DS 110 Women's Boots
The Dalbello DS 110 women's boots are high-performance and stiff boots. These are great options for the lady who wants to ski hard and really drive their skis with power. The 99mm last paired with the PU shell deliver a precise and responsive on-snow handling. The IF Pro liner is fully customizable for the perfect fit before you walk out of the ski shop. Specifications -Last: 99mm Last -Flex: 110 Flex -Liner: IF Pro Liner -Shell: Bi-Injected PU -Sole: Alpine
Tecnica Mach Sport 90 HV Ski Boots
The Tecnica Mach Sport 90 is all about comfort. The high volume fit means this boot will work with even the most difficult feet. The 103mm last is plenty spacious and the comfort liner is both plush and warm. These boots are ideal for the skier who prioritizes comfort over the most performance-oriented fit. Don't go thinking this is some flimsy boot, the 90 flex rating can deliver some power and the PU shell delivers the tried-and-true Tecnica quality you are accustomed too. Specifications -Flex rating: 90 -Last: 103 -Shell: C.A.S. -Soles: ISO 5355 -Shell: PU (double Quick Instep) -Cuff: Polyolefine -Liner: COMFORT- Celliant -Buckles - Mach Sport buckles, Lift Lock
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