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Alpine Touring Bindings

Dynafit ST Rotation 12 Bindings
$649.95 - $649.99
The Dynafit ST Rotation 12 bindings offer a dialed blend of downhill performance with uphill prowess. The ST Rotation 12 still offers the reliability and ease of use that is synonymous with the Dynafit name. The Rotation 12 has an rotating toe piece that provides an element of elasticity on the descent. As the ski gets kicked around, the rotating toe makes for a more comfortable ride and allows for a more consistent release. The release setting of 12 means this binding is ready to shred. Specifications DIN: 5-12 Weight: 625 g Lock Type: Manual Gender: Unisex Product ID: 08-0000049105 Materials: Carbon Reinforced, Chromoly, Forged Aluminium, High Tech Syntetic, Stainless steel
Marker Kingpin 13 Alpine Touring Bindings
The Marker Kingpin changed everything when it was unveiled. This binding blends tech binding efficiency with an alpine-inspired downhill experience. The tech toe offers a great range of motion in walk mode. Stepping into these bindings is easier than ever thanks to the toe guides. Two climbing bars plus the flat position make ascending the most brutal skin track easy. On the descent, the alpine-style heel delivers an exceptional amount of control, power, and stability. The Kingpin 13 boasts a higher release value than the Kingpin 10. Mount up the Kingpin and start shredding. Specifications Release Range: 6-13 Sole Type: alpine touring/tech only Available brake widths: 75-100mm and 100-125mm
Dynafit ST Rotation 10 Bindings
The Dynafit ST Rotation 10 is a killer alpine touring binding that features a rotating toe piece for an excellent downhill feel. As you hit less than perfect patches of snow, the toe piece rotates slightly to provide an elastic feel that reduces feedback to skier. It also features a more consistent release. The 4-10 DIN provides a nice range for most skiers. Dynafit reliability meets excellent downhill performance with the ST Roation 10. Specifications Adjustability: 22.5 - 22.5 mm +/- Weight: 599 g DIN: 4-10 Lock Type: Manual Gender: Unisex Material: Chromoly, Forged Aluminium, High Tech Syntetic, Stainless steel
Marker Kingpin 10 Alpine Touring Bindings
The Marker Kingpin 10 is an aggressive, yet ultra-efficient, alpine touring binding. When the Kingpin was introduced, it changed how we look at alpine touring bindings. This binding takes the best features from tech bindings and blends it with an alpine-inspired heel. The toe offers a great range of motion and ergonomic feel. The toe guides make stepping into these bindings a breeze. The heel piece offers two climbing platforms to choose from in addition to the neutral position. When in ski mode, the wide contact patch with the rear of the boot provides great power transmission and unrivaled stability. The Kingpin 10 is ready attack any mountain. Specifications Release Range: 5-10 Sole: Needs tech fittings/alpine touring boot Sizes: 75-100mm brake width or 100-125mm brake widh Warranty: 3 years
G3 Ion 12 Bindings
The G3 Ion 12 is an alpine touring binding that is great for the skier who wants to get out in the backcountry and ski hard. The higher release setting make it a great option for a skier who wants to lay down some power. This binding absorbs energy effectively and maintains forward pressure even as the skier pushes harder. On the ascent, the recently added toe guide makes stepping into these bindings cinchy. On the ascent, rotate the heel piece in any direction and start up the skin track. The heel risers are easy to use with your pole. These bindings are ready to get rad from day one. Specifications Brake Width: 85mm, 100mm, 115mm, 130mm Weight: 1 lb 4 oz per binding Release Settings: 5-12 Consistent Release Values
Atomic Shift 13 Alpine Touring Binding
The Atomic Shift is an alpine touring binding with a revolutionary approach. In tour mode, the Shift offers tech-style performance as the toe wings pull back and expose the pins. You will enjoy a nice range of motion and lightweight feel as you make your way up the skin track. At the top of the hill, this binding shifts back into alpine mode and offers an elastic, capable, and aggressive feel. The Atomic Shift is perfect for those tech-binding skeptics who want uphill efficiency but alpine-style downhill performance. Specifications -Release Range 5-13 -Sole types: Alpine DIN (ISO 5355), Alpine Touring (ISO 9523), Tech, Walk to Ride (WTR), GripWalk -Warranty: 2 Yeas
Marker Duke Pro Alpine Touring Bindings
The Marker Duke Pro bindings are made for strong and aggressive skiers and the biggest, gnarliest lines. Big, strong, skiers need not worry with the burly EPF frame and 18 DIN setting. The Sole ID design allows this boot to work with an alpine sole or a tech sole. The climbing bar offers two positions to fine tune the binding for any skin track. The Duke Pro bindings are 100% shred ready. Specifications -8-18 DIN setting -Compatible with alpine or tech soles -Two climbing bars -Wide frame for stability -Triple Pivot Elite Toe -110mm brake
Marker F12 Alpine Touring Bindings
The Marker F12 is a versatile alpine touring binding. This is a great choice for the skier who wants one pair of skis to do some resort skiing and some backcountry skiing. The F12 has a very allpine-inspired feel for confident and safe skiing. On the uphill, the frame-style is easy to use and offers two climbing bars to help you scurry up any skin track. The Marker F12 bindings are ready for action. Specifications DIN Range: 4-12 Brake Width: 110mm Sole ID can use alpine or alpine touring soles Alpine inspired feel EPF design
Dynafit Speed Radical Bindings
The Dynafit Speed Radical is a great binding for that mountaineer who wants to travel fast and light. These bindings weigh approximately 705-grams to efficiently utilize your energy on the skin track. Despite the simple approach, the Speed Radical can hold their own on the descent thanks to a respectable release value of 10. Jump on the Speed Radicals and start exploring. Specifications Weight: 705 grams Adjustability: Approx 25mm DIN: 4-10 No Brakes, Leash Compatible
Marker Baron EPF Alpine Touring Bindings
The Marker Baron is a frame-style alpine touring binding that delivers stellar downhill performance. The Baron boasts an alpine feel and users shouldn't be worried about feeding it down the nastiest lines. With a max DIN setting of 13 and the ability to work with alpine soles as well as tech soles, this binding is quite versatile. On the ascent, this easy-to-use binding offers two climbing aid positions, 7-degrees and 13-degrees to adapt to the skin track. The Marker Baron is a great binding for newcomers to alpine touring or those who simply prefer a burlier binding. Specifications -4-13 DIN range -Works with alpine or alpine touring sole -Alpine downhill feel -Two climbing bars -Wide frame for stability and strength. -110mm brake
Marker F10 Alpine Touring Bindings
The Marker F10 is a lightweight alpine touring binding with a great downhill feel. These are a great entry into the world of backcountry skiing and are a great choice for a ski that is intended to be used at the resort with a little alpine touring mixed in. This easy-to-use design features a lightweight frame, two climbing bars, and a smooth range of motion. The 3-10 DIN setting covers a wide range of skiers but steers away from the super hard-chargers. Specifications DIN Ranger: 3-10 Brake Width: 90mm Alpine or alpine touring sole Two climbing bars
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