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Climbing Skins

G3 Minimist Universal Climbing Skins
The G3 Minimist Universal Climbing Skins are all about packability, low weight, and durability. These nylon skins can pack up to be stuffed into a jacket pocket or a super-tightly compacted backpack. G3 uses an all-new toxic adhesive and a new waterproofing system. A carbon insert at the tip prevents snow from creeping in between your skis and skins and ruining your day. Oh yeah, and they are darn light with the medium length coming in as low as 223-grams. Specifications -Lengths: X-Short - 150-166 CM , Short 161-177 CM, Medium 172-188 CM, Long 183-199 CM -Weight - 223-295-grams at medium length -Non-toxic adhesive and PFC-free waterproofing -Durable tail clip system.
Black Diamond Glidelite Mix STS Climbing Skins
The Black Diamond Glidelite Mix skins are the perfect blend of weight, durability, and grip. These skins are a mix of nylon and mohair and incorporate the best of both worlds. They grip like nylon and glide like mohair....whats not to love? The STS tip and tail clips are adjustable and easy to use. Strap on the Glidelite Mix STS skins and head to the skin track. Specifications -Tip and tail clips pre-installed -Purchase appropriate length skins based on ski length -133mm width
Black Diamond UltraLite Mix Climbing Skins
The Black Diamond UltraLite Mix climbing skins are versatile and boast an impressive weight. These skins are mix of mohair and nylon. This means they blend the grip of nylon with the glide and weight of mohair. The UltraLite skins use a lightweight tip loop to reduce weight. Stuff these skins in your back and head out for a big mountaineering mission. Specifications -These skins will fit any length skis -Available widths: 110mm, 125,mm, 140mm -Weight Per Pair : [110 mm] 586 g (1 lb 4 oz)
Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS Climbing Skins
The Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS climbing skins offer the best in grip, durability and longevity. These nylon skins do sacrifice some weight, but make up for it in resilience. The STS are now pre-installed making your life much easier. The Ascension Nylon skins are ready to serve you well for years to come. Specifications -Fixed lengths with tip and tail clips installed -133mm width -Weight: 157cm - 168cm 689g (24oz) 163cm - 174cm 713g (25oz) 169cm - 180cm 737g (26oz) 175cm - 186cm 761g (27oz) 181cm - 192cm 785g (28oz)
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