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Avalanche Beacons/Transceivers

Black Diamond Black Diamond Recon Avalanche Set
The Black Diamond Recon avalanche safety set is everything you need to get you out in the backcountry. This dialed package includes the all-new Recon BT Transceiver which connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Also included is the QuickDraw 280 probe and Transfer 3 shovel. This set has everything you need to explore the backcountry safely. We always recommend an avalanche safety class to go along with your flashy new kit. Specifications Included: Black Diamond Recon BT Transceiver Black Diamond Transfer 3 Shovel Black Diamond QuickDraw 280 Probe
Black Diamond Recon BT Avalanche Beacon
The Black Diamond Recon BT Avalanche Beacon is an absolute must-have for backcountry travelers. This easy-to-use transceiver has all of the bells and whistles but remains simple and easy to use. A 60-meter search radius is paired with three antennas for maximum accuracy. In addition, you can mark spots in the snow in the event of multiple burials. This beacon is Bluetooth compatible and you can use your cell phone to update the software periodically. Grab the Black Diamond Recon BT Beacon and bring it along on every tour. Specifications -Weight : 210 g (7.4 oz) -Frequency : 457 kHz (EN300718) -Battery Life : 200 h send mode -Search Strip Width : 60 m (197 ft) -Maximum Range : 60 m (197 ft) -Power Supply : 3 AAA Batteries -Dimensions : 115 x 75 x 28 mm (4.5 x 2.9 x 1.1 in)
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