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Sunlite Trail Etiquette Bell

Sunlite Trail Etiquette Bell
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Allspeed has always been advocates of proper trail etiquette and we have some ideas on how we can help contribute to solutions to some of the issues that occur during heavy trail use. One of the biggest things we hear about is cyclists coming up behind hikers & walkers and startling them. All types of users travel on the trails at different speeds and this occurrence is somewhat unavoidable, but we have some ideas to help manage this situation. In many busy trail systems, cyclists are asked to use bells to indicate their presence and avoid startling other users as they approach them from behind. We believe that a simple polite “DING” of a bell from a cyclist will help alleviate a lot of these issues and walkers and hikers will appreciate the heads up. Please remember, the ding of a bell does not mean “move out of the way”, it is simply to indicate your presence as you approach other trail users; it is still the duty of both parties to negotiate a safe overtake.

Starting today Allspeed is giving away cycling bells at no cost to help promote good trail etiquette. To obtain your free Trail Etiquette Bell just place an order right here. Trail Etiquette Bells will be available for curbside pickup starting Wednesday 5/20 at Allspeed. When you arrive, simply knock on the door if no one is outside, tell us you ordered a free Trail Etiquette Bell and give us your name. It’s as simple as that.