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Ski Bindings

Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12 Alpine Touring Binding
The Kingpin M-Werks 12 is an all-new alpine touring in the Marker lineup. The Kingpin M-Werks uses the best features of the Kingpin and blends them with the weight-saving, uphill-dominance of the Marker Alpinist. The M-Werks features a carbon fiber infused toe and heel piece, a reworked, lower-profile, ski/walk mode lever and heel risers. The toe piece also features a dual spring setup as opposed to the six-spring setup on the traditional kingpin. All of this to say, the M-Werks is much lighter, climbs better, and shreds downhill hard. It may just be the ultimate aggressive tech-style touring binding. Specifications -Toe and heel piece constructed with 30% carbon fiber - 0 - 7 -13-degree climbing aids -28mm length adjustment -5-12 DIN range -620-grams -75-100/100-125mm brake width
G3 Ion 12 Bindings
The G3 Ion 12 is an alpine touring binding that is great for the skier who wants to get out in the backcountry and ski hard. The higher release setting make it a great option for a skier who wants to lay down some power. This binding absorbs energy effectively and maintains forward pressure even as the skier pushes harder. On the ascent, the recently added toe guide makes stepping into these bindings cinchy. On the ascent, rotate the heel piece in any direction and start up the skin track. The heel risers are easy to use with your pole. These bindings are ready to get rad from day one. Specifications Brake Width: 85mm, 100mm, 115mm, 130mm Weight: 1 lb 4 oz per binding Release Settings: 5-12 Consistent Release Values
TwentyTwo Designs Lynx Binding
TwentyTwo Designs has unveiled the Lynx tele-tech binding for 2020. The Lynx delivers the touring efficiency of a tech-style pin touring binding while still offering a powerful and fun NTN telemark experience on the descent. Backcountry skiers no longer need to choose between a clunky NTN touring setup or an alpine touring fixed-heel setup. The Lynx is the best of both worlds. Climb uphill with a huge range of motion and no additional lifted binding weight. When its time to charge downhill, you get the full stiff and powerful NTN experience. This binding brings the design and builds quality that TwentyTwo Designs is known for and comes with a two-year warranty. Specifications - Instant flex engagement - 80+ degrees of resistance-free touring - Adjustable preload and 3 activeness settings - Spring-loaded dual-height climber - Weight including climbers: Large: 2lbs 3oz / 1000g Small: 2lbs 2oz / 960g -2 Year Warranty. -Made in the USA.
G3 Zed 12 Alpine Touring Binding
The G3 Zed 12 may just be the ultimate minimalist alpine touring binding. This ultra-light touring binding hits the scales at a measly 345-grams. This low weight is impressive and the easy-flip heel riser, dual-direction heel piece, and crampon compatibility make this binding an uphill weapon. Don't go thinking the Zed 12 is some flimsy, weak, descender. The Zed 12 has a wide-stance binding mount for stability. The release is highly consistant and G3 designed the Zed with a dialed level of toe elasticity for a smooth and controlled ride. This binding is compatible with brakes but does not come with them installed. Specifications -345 grams -Compatible with G3 crampon -5-12 release values -Single screw adjustment for side-side and vertical release -Intuitive heel risers -Leash is included. -Elasticity in toe piece.
Marker Duke Pro Alpine Touring Bindings
The Marker Duke Pro bindings are made for strong and aggressive skiers and the biggest, gnarliest lines. Big, strong, skiers need not worry with the burly EPF frame and 18 DIN setting. The Sole ID design allows this boot to work with an alpine sole or a tech sole. The climbing bar offers two positions to fine tune the binding for any skin track. The Duke Pro bindings are 100% shred ready. Specifications -8-18 DIN setting -Compatible with alpine or tech soles -Two climbing bars -Wide frame for stability -Triple Pivot Elite Toe -110mm brake
Dynafit Speed Radical Bindings
The Dynafit Speed Radical is a great binding for that mountaineer who wants to travel fast and light. These bindings weigh approximately 705-grams to efficiently utilize your energy on the skin track. Despite the simple approach, the Speed Radical can hold their own on the descent thanks to a respectable release value of 10. Jump on the Speed Radicals and start exploring. Specifications Weight: 705 grams Adjustability: Approx 25mm DIN: 4-10 No Brakes, Leash Compatible
TwentyTwo Designs Outlaw X NTN Binding
The TwentyTwo Designs Outlaw X NTN binding that offers serious power and a dialed flex. This telemark binding olnly works with NTN or New Telemark Norm boots. The redesigned Outlaw X features a much easier step-in/out mechanism and upgraded durability at a lighter weight. The TwentyTwo Designs Outlaw X is ready to shred. Specifications -Easier to step in and out -Improved durability for the hardest chargers -Instant flex engagement -Optional brakes: 95, 110, and 125mm widths- available here. -Optional stiffy spring kit: available here. -50 degrees of resistance-free touring -Industrial strength main die spring -Preload adjustable from 1 to 5 -Spring-loaded climbing bail -NTN compatible in two sizes -Toepiece height: 1.1” at rear with 3 degree ramp -Large: 3 lbs, 8 oz / 1590g -Small: 3 lbs, 6 oz / 1520g -For NTN Bindings, the binding Size MUST match your boot size. Scarpa and Crispi boots 26.0 and under fit the Small Bindings, 26.5 and up are Large. For Scott/Garmont boots, the break is between 25.5 and 26.0.
Marker Baron EPF Alpine Touring Bindings
The Marker Baron is a frame-style alpine touring binding that delivers stellar downhill performance. The Baron boasts an alpine feel and users shouldn't be worried about feeding it down the nastiest lines. With a max DIN setting of 13 and the ability to work with alpine soles as well as tech soles, this binding is quite versatile. On the ascent, this easy-to-use binding offers two climbing aid positions, 7-degrees and 13-degrees to adapt to the skin track. The Marker Baron is a great binding for newcomers to alpine touring or those who simply prefer a burlier binding. Specifications -4-13 DIN range -Works with alpine or alpine touring sole -Alpine downhill feel -Two climbing bars -Wide frame for stability and strength. -110mm brake
Marker Jester 16 Bindings
The Marker Jester 16 bindings are built for hard-charging skiers. These 16 DIN bindings are poweful enough to drive burly skis down even burlier lines. The AFD toe piece and Inter-Pivot 2 heel deliver excellent transmission to the skis while absorbing some of the unwanted trail surface to save your knees and legs. The Sole ID allows you to use either an alpine sole or an alpine touring boot in these bindings. The Marker Jesters are ready for the biggest lines on the hill. Specifications -Sole ID - use alpine or AT sole- - AFD toe piece -Inter-Pivot heel -Burly construction - DIN Rang 6-16 -Brake widths 90mm, 110mm, 136mm
Marker Squire 11 Bindings
The Marker Squire 11 bindings are a reliable and simple option for lighter or less aggressive skiers. The Squires offer all of the great technology and features that Marker is known for, in a slimmer, less-burly, design. These bindings offer a DIN range of 3-11 making them great for youngsters or lighter skiers who don't want to push themselves too hard. A dialed toe and heel piece offer a comfortable and safe skiing experience. Slap a set of Marker Squire bindings to your skis and hop in the lift line. Specifications DIN Range: 3-11 Sole ID: Use alpine or alpine touring sole Available brake widths: 90mm, 110mm
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