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Telemark Ski Bindings

The TwentyTwo Designs Axl is a classic 75mm telemark binding that balances stellar power transfer with excellent touring abilities. This hardcore binding is built out of stainless steel and uses a burly 6-bolt mountain pattern to withstand some serious torque. The Axl tours beautifully thanks to the dialed pivot point and easy-to-use climbing bars. The Axl is ready to get after it in the backcountry. Specifications -The first free-pivot binding with three cable guide positions. -Super durable: 2000 lb test cable attachments won't break, toepiece forces transmitted steel-to-steel. -Over 2" of spring travel for smooth action and durability. -The spring-loaded HammerHeel is the easiest to use climber available; Flip it up or down with your ski pole. Climbing bails available in 3 sizes, standard bail included. -Cables routed underfoot for maximum control; plastic boots flex at the bellows instead of tip-toeing. -Ultra-secure mounting pattern. -Riser height: 1.1" or 28mm atrear, with a2 degree ramp. -Pivot location: directly under pin-line. -Weight: 3.9 lbs per large pair, 3.8 lbs for small. -Size Small for Mondo 25.5 and under, Large for 26 and up.
The TwentyTwo Designs Outlaw X NTN binding that offers serious power and a dialed flex. This telemark binding olnly works with NTN or New Telemark Norm boots. The redesigned Outlaw X features a much easier step-in/out mechanism and upgraded durability at a lighter weight. The TwentyTwo Designs Outlaw X is ready to shred. Specifications -Easier to step in and out -Improved durability for the hardest chargers -Instant flex engagement -Optional brakes: 95, 110, and 125mm widths- available here. -Optional stiffy spring kit: available here. -50 degrees of resistance-free touring -Industrial strength main die spring -Preload adjustable from 1 to 5 -Spring-loaded climbing bail -NTN compatible in two sizes -Toepiece height: 1.1” at rear with 3 degree ramp -Large: 3 lbs, 8 oz / 1590g -Small: 3 lbs, 6 oz / 1520g -For NTN Bindings, the binding Size MUST match your boot size. Scarpa and Crispi boots 26.0 and under fit the Small Bindings, 26.5 and up are Large. For Scott/Garmont boots, the break is between 25.5 and 26.0.
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