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E-Bike Summer

Spin Into Summertime With An Electric Bike

Electric bikes are for everyone! We have e-bikes in stock for any style of riding. Explore our electric bike guide to find the right model for you, and get ready to have more fun than ever! Need more advice? Give us a shout or stop by the store for expert tips on e-bikes.

Find Your E-Bike

We stock different styles of electric bikes to suit a variety of needs and riding goals. Take a look at the options and find the perfect electric bike for you.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Put the grind of pedaling up slopes in your rear view - electric mountain bikes are the perfect way to make the climb more enjoyable. Ascend hills that were once insurmountable. Enjoy longer rides. Speed through flats. High-capacity batteries mean the possibilities are endless with electric mountain bikes.

Electric Commuter Bikes

Ride an electric commuter bike and leave your car behind. Breeze past traffic and enjoy the wind in your hair on a stress-free commute. Add some panniers to your ride so you can carry everything you need with ease. No need to reserve a parking spot - roll up to the door barely breaking a sweat while saving on gas.

Electric Cruiser Bikes

Have it all on an electric cruiser bike: power and performance, meet a leisurely ride. Easy handling with a sporty flair make electric cruiser bikes the best of every world. Add a boost to your daily commute, or attach a basket to give running errands some oomph. Going fast isn’t everything, but on an e-cruiser bike, you can zip down the streets without sacrificing your comfort.

Electric Cargo Bikes

While any e-bike is incredibly versatile, electric cargo bikes take it a step further. Added storage capacity and hauling ability mean you can take pretty much anything with you - groceries, extra gear, and even additional passengers. E-bike enthusiasts looking to shift away from automobiles will find that e-cargo bikes are an easier transition away from cars.

Best E-Bike Accessories

It can feel like a lot, but there are many pieces to put together to make your ride perfect. A properly fitted helmet to protect your head, inside and out, is crucial when riding an electric bike. Browse our selection of high-quality helmets so you can ride with confidence and style on your e-bike.

You may need a pump to keep your tire pressure just right, and a lock to make sure the bike stays safe while you are doing errands. And don't forget some lights for the longer days. Plus consider adding packs and racks to the bike for more versitility. We can help decide what you want to add!

Need help? Have questions? We're here! Email, telephone, or or text us anytime!