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Bike Fit

Custom Bike Fitting

Proper positioning on a bike can not only result in improved performance but can have a dramatic effect on preventing injury. A cyclist experiencing pain while riding will never reach his/her full potential in regards to performance and will undoubtedly compensate or stop riding as a result. At Orthopedic Associates, our FIST certified bike fit physical therapists understand that each rider varies greatly in his/her ability to achieve certain postures. Our physical therapists are trained to identify muscular and postural imbalances that they take into consideration with the bike fitting process. These imbalances will dictate the ideal position for an individual rider. A fit with OA involves a comprehensive assessment of the musculoskeletal system and functional movement patterns both on and off the bike.

Here’s what you can expect upon a visit to our fitting partners at Orthopedic Associates facilities for a bike fit:

A comprehensive evaluation including strength, flexibility, posture and functional patterning using the FMS system.

Laser guided video analysis from front/ rear and lateral views to assess joint angles throughout the pedal stroke, pedal stroke efficiency, posture with variable gearing, and potential biomechanical faults.

Cleat/pedal interface assessment with the addition of wedging/ spacers if indicated.

Identification and explanation of positional faults followed by adjustments to the bike and reassessment.

Recommendations for further adjustments such as saddles stem length, crank length, bar extensions, etc.

Clients leave from an OA bike fit with a more efficient and comfortable bike position that maximizes power and minimizes injury risk. They also leave with an improved understanding of their body and imbalances that may be affecting their performance, and with strategies to address these.

Our bike fitters are cyclist themselves and with the combination of their cycling background and their biomechanical knowledge, it provides our clients a customized fit that is without comparison.

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