Allspeed MTB School

Introducing Allspeed Mountain Bike School

This Summer we will be hosting a series of skills clinics focused around teaching novice level riders basic and easy to learn skills that will help them enjoy mountain biking. Allspeed Mountain Bike School will be hosting adult coed clinics, women’s clinics, and kids clinics in both the Greater Portland Area and Carrabassett Valley. With years of riding experience and mountain bike teaching certifications, our Allspeed staff members you know and love will be teaching these clinics. 

It’s easy to see that we are incredibly stoked on mountain biking; now it’s time to share the stoke and help a new generation of riders get into mountain biking. 


Adult Coed Skills Clinic 

Saturday May 11th, 9:30am 

@ Hurricane Road Trailhead in Falmouth

Women Only Skills Clinic 

Saturday June 1st, 9:30am 

@ Hurricane Road Trailhead in Falmouth

Kids (8-12) Skills Clinic 

Saturday June 8th, 9:30am 

@ Hurricane Road Trailhead in Falmouth

Adult & Kids (8-12) Skills Clinic 

Saturday May 25th, 10am 

@ Sugarloaf Outdoor Center, Carrabasset Valley

Adult Coed Skills Clinic 

Saturday July 6th, 10am 

@ Sugarloaf Outdoor Center, Carrabasset Valley

Kids (8-12) Skills Clinic 

Saturday July 6th, 10am 

@ Sugarloaf Outdoor Center, Carrabasset Valley

Women Only Skills Clinic 

Saturday July 20th, 10am 

@ Sugarloaf Outdoor Center, Carrabasset Valley

Got Questions? We've Got Answers:

How do I sign up for mountain bike school?

Find us on, or go to and click on the tab Mountain Bike School at the top of the page. 

How much does mountain bike school cost?

Mountain bike school costs $49 per person. 

What kind of bike do I need?

You need to bring a mountain bike that is made for off road riding.  This means a bike with knobby tires, proper gearing, and ideally front and rear suspension (easier for learning).  Hybrids are not mountain bikes and we unfortunately cannot allow them in the clinics. 

Do I need to bring my own bike?  

Yes, however rentals are available on the Allspeed website for a discounted rate when registered with Mountain Bike School. 

I’m not sure if my bike is ready to ride, can you help me?

Yes! Bring your bike by Allspeed and we can go over it and make sure it’s ready to ride. If you are bringing your own bike, it needs to be in good - working condition. This means tires pumped up, shifting and brakes working, ready to ride safely.  If it needs some work, bring into our service department and we can get you rolling. 

What skill level do I need to participate?

All skill levels are encouraged to participate. However this clinic is geared towards novice and beginner riders. See What to Expect question below. 

How long does one session take, what can I expect?  

One session will take approximately 3 hours. Expect 30 minutes of  orientation and flat ground skills, 1.5 hours of riding with lots of breaks, and 30 minutes of feature sessioning on trail. Expect a slower pace with lots of stops to discuss features in the trail, tactics to overcome obstacles, and water and snack breaks. 


Who will be instructing these clinics?

Allspeed staff members of course! We sent our staff to become certified mountain bike skills teachers! Your instructor will be one of the following: Amy, Andy, Ben, Chris, or Kyle. 

Is there an age limit on the kids group?

Yes, 8-12 years old.

What is the cancellation policy? 

In the event you have to cancel, we unfortunately cannot offer a refund, sorry. 

I don’t wear a helmet while riding, can I participate?

No! you are a fool - protect that noggin! Helmets are mandatory in order to participate in Allspeed Mountain Bike School.

Do I need any other sort of protection other than a Helmet?

Knee and elbow pads are recommended but not required in order to participate. 

What should I bring?

Yourself, your bike, water, helmet, riding gloves, a snack, multitool, a spare tube, Co2 or pump.


What shouldn’t I bring?

Your dog, your friend (unless they are registered), your kid (unless they are registered), and yourself if you don’t have a helmet.