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Allspeed History

Allspeed was founded in 1990 by legendary Portland mountain biker Gary Buch. Gary was responsible many of the early mountain bike trails in the area and was also the first to lead weekly group mtb rides. In addition to mountain biking, Gary was an avid telemark skier and was into the backcountry skiing scene decades before it hit the mainstream. Gary owned and operated Allspeed until fall of 2009 when he sold it and handed the torch on to his employees Chris Carleton and Mike Davies. Mike moved on to other projects in 2023, while Chris continues to run Allspeed. Just like Gary, Allspeed's passion for mountain biking and skiing drives what is offered at Allspeed.

At Allspeed we strive to offer our customers the best customer service, product recommendations based on real personal experience, and top level service and repair offerings.