How does the Trade-Up Program Work?

      1. Bring us your used gear – Bring the gear you’d like to Trade-Up into our shop for evaluation.
      2. Get A Trade-Up Credit – We will give you a trade up credit based on the age, condition, and desirability of your gear.
      3. Use Trade Up Credit Towards New Gear – Use your Trade-Up credit to make a purchase on brand new gear!

Bike FAQ’s

What kind of bike can I bring in for Trade-Up or Consignment?
We are only accepting complete bicycles in good working order and can not accept department store bikes.

How much is my bike worth?
If you want to get a rough idea of what your bike is worth, head over to Bicycle Bluebook uses over 20 years of sales data from eBay and other bike selling services to determine the market value of bicycles. Their valuation based on age, condition, and desirability.

Should I do anything to my bike before I bring it into sell/trade-up?
YES! Please make sure your bike is ready to sell. Being ready to sell includes being clean! Wash and shine your bike up for the best results. Being ready to sell also includes the bike being in working order, ALL parts of the bike need to function correctly. If your bike needs a little love, no worries, you can book it in for a tune-up and we can get it ready to sell for you.

Ski FAQ’s

What kind of skis, boots, and bindings can I bring in for Trade-Up or Consignment?
Skis, boots, and bindings must be 5 years or newer on all equipment. Skis shouldn’t have rust or need serious base repair. Bindings must pass a binding-test.