How do I sell gear on consignment at Allspeed?

1. Bring us your used gear – Bring your gear into our shop so we can check it out.

2. We will help you price your gear – We base our pricing on age, condition, and desirability.

3. Choose to be paid with a check or store credit – If you choose to be paid by check, Allspeed will take a commission of 25% of the final selling price. If you choose store credit, we take a very small commission to cover the transaction costs.

4. Wait patiently while our team sells your gear! – We will notify via email that your gear has sold and will either have a check ready for pick up or apply store credit to your account within five business days.


Used Bikes

We will only accept bicycles that are in solid, working condition. The type of bikes we will accept are as follows.

  • Commuter Bikes
  • Fat bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Kids bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes

All bicycles must have functional brakes, all gears must work and shifting must be reasonably clean, tires must hold air. Mountain bikes must have a suspension that moves freely (if applicable). Allspeed may recommend services that will increase the likelihood of the bike selling. We will not accept department store bikes.

Bicycle Parts

Used Wheels

We accept mid-high end wheelsets. The wheels must be in decent condition with no hops and be reasonably true. Hubs must spin freely with no play. Allspeed may recommend services to increase the likelihood of the wheels selling.


Used Skis

Skis must be in solid, working condition. Items with serious delamination issues, edge damage, or core/base damage may not be accepted. Skis that have been drilled more than once may not be accepted.

We will accept,

  • Alpine/Downhill skis
  • Cross country ski
  • Kids skis
  • Telemark skis.

Boots & Bindings

Used Boots & Bindings

Ski boots must be able to safely step into bindings. Boot soles must not be overly worn or scuffed. If you have alpine touring boots or telemark boots, the ski/walk mode must be functional.

Bindings must be in safe, usable condition. When applicable, we will test the release values on the bindings

What is the process?

Depending upon the time of the season and our current inventory levels, Allspeed may be looking for specific items. For example, in November, we might not be accepting mountain bikes. In June, we may not be taking ski boots. We recommend calling or checking our website in advance to see if we are accepting the item you wish to sell at that time. Limits or caps may be set on a certain product type.

If we are accepting your item, come by our shop and speak with one of our gear experts. If you are looking to sell a bike, we recommend cleaning it thoroughly prior to bringing it in. Allspeed will evaluate the item for safety and function. Pricing will be recommended partially on Bicycle Blue Book value, condition, size, as well as demand level for the particular item. After a price is agreed upon, you will complete an electronic contract which will be emailed to you. You will decide whether you wish to receive a check for 75% of the sale value or receive store credit for 85% of the sale value.

Allspeed will display your bike/ski gear on our sales floor and chat with any interested buyers.

When your ski gear/bike sells you will receive an email. If you opted for store credit, it will be added to your account and if you opted for a check, it will be ready for pickup in a two to three business days.