Custom Shock Tuning

Allspeed is pleased to announce that we will be offering fully custom suspension tuning for mountain bikes. Have you always wondered what all of those knobs and dials on your shocks do? Don’t know how much air to run in your shock?

We have a perfect solution to give you FULLY CUSTOM TUNED SUSPENSION on your bike. We can capture real-time suspension data while you’re riding and set your suspension perfectly for YOU. We use the data obtained while riding to optimize your front and rear suspension settings to best suit your weight, riding style, and the terrain you are riding.

With our expertise and the latest technology we have the ability to optimize the following settings for your suspension:

  • Rebound & Compression
  • Air Pressure
  • Air Spring Ramp
  • Compression Volume Spacers
  • Bottom Out Resistance
  • Custom Valving Options

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